Wellington-lodge app

To make booking easy and right at your finger-tips we developed the Wellington-lodge app and integrated it into our systems. At the app, you have to access our system and book for any room available at our properties. Through the app one can also choose the dates, they will be checking in and can book a room for use during coming holidays. Apart from that, you can also pick the specific room, apartmentcasino or home that you like. From the app, you can also send us your feedback about your stay at any of our property. Additionally, you can use the app to send your comments and complaints about our services. Through the app, clients can also check if the property they are about to check in is pet-friendly. Doing so will help you as a client to avoid any unnecessary problems and additional expenses.

You can also pay for all the services in instalments before checking in at the time you want. And to enable you to pay for all services easily we have integrated various payment methods.

BGO Casino

At Wellington-lodge we have adopted technology and have integrated a new service tailor-made for you. Today a lot of people have invested in property in different areas as vacation homes while others have more than one house. Some of these homes are left unoccupied for some close to six months while vacation homes are used for less than six months by their owners. To ensure your investment in property is not wasted we come up with a business idea that allows us to use your property for a fee while you are away. Through this system, we get to accommodate our clients in different areas and different houses. These houses are in different locations and come with a lot of various amenities. Through the system homes, owner earns revenue from their houses while they are around.

Besides all the above services we also pick and drop our clients when checking in or leaving our premises. Through these clients wouldn’t get lost while trying to find their way to our premises when checking in.

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