Wellington lodges

Are you on a business trip, vacation or are passing by through a town in the UK and are looking for the perfect place to rest? Then Wellington-lodge is here for you. We have the ideal place for you and your family to have a rest while on vacations.

Our lodges are located in perfect places surrounded with serene sceneries that would take your breath away as you unwind from your day’s activities. We cater for all visitors either as a family, couples or students. Our places range from students rooms, apartments, studios, and family homes. With all these different lodges we can cater for your one night stay, extended stay or holiday in any of our properties. At Wellington-lodge our prices are fair to suit every client that stays at any of our places.

To be able to cater for all clients the properties are further categorised into different levels with each giving you access to various amenities. For instance, our student’s rooms range from silver, bronze and gold level rooms. With each room, there is a slight difference that comes in either bed size or amenities. Also, every room has a sizeable closet available for storing all of your items. Apart from the closet, there is storage space underneath the beds. To ensure we offer the best service our staff are well trained in customer service and skills. We carry out training programs on a regular basis to ensure all our staff know how to handle our clients.

Silver rooms

Silver rooms have a capacity for two beds and are shared by two students. The beds are spacious enough, and you shouldn’t be worried about having enough space to move around while in the room. Alongside sharing the room, the students also shave to share a bathroom and a study area. The rooms are both available for both females and male students but are in different locations.

Bronze rooms

Bronze rooms are available for only one student. In the bronze category, students don’t share the rooms with anyone. The student has access to a bathroom/toilet and a standup shower. The bed size is a bit bigger than the ones in the silver rooms. Also, the room has a study area and internet is also provide for the students.

Gold rooms

Gold rooms are the most expensive rooms that come will a full bathroom with a standup shower and bathtub. The room accommodates only one person. There is also a dedicated study area and internet is provided by Wellington-lodge. Also, the rooms are located on the top floors of our property and give students a scenic view of the surroundings.

bgo casinoOther amenities

In every property there are amenities provide to all of our clients. Students can access the swimming pools and the game rooms. Additionally, there is also a common room available for relaxing while watching TV. In addition to the amenities, the top floor of the building has seats for relaxing while watching the sun go down.

To be able to meet all of our customers’ needs Wellington-lodge has a lot of properties in different locations. Our apartments are located close to town to give the business community a short commute to their meetings and conferences. The apartments are fully furnished and come with amenities like pool, game room, sauna, massage parlour, and gym. To provide you with the best services we have an in-house chef that can cook you your favourite meal. Besides you can also eat at our restaurant or cook for yourself at the apartment and unwind while having a drink at our fully stocked bar.

For families on vacations, we have you covered. We have homes and property across different areas that are suitable for families on vacation. The family homes are furnished to give you a perfect time while on your vacation. There are also amenities available on these homes such as pools and Jacuzzi. Besides that some of these family homes are located close to parks, bike riding paths, and jogging tracks. At Wellington-lodge we value you and provide all these activities to help you and your family bond while on vacation.